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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Breathwork for Grief: Transmuting Stuck Energy

Hosted by Lion Rituals

Breathwork for Grief: Transmuting Stuck Energy
Have you given your grief the space it needs to breathe? Breathwork is a potent tool for releasing feelings of grief and sorrow, strengthening the lungs and connecting with a deep sense of peace.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the lungs are the organ of grief and sadness, so through connecting with the lungs we can honor and integrate some of our grief. As we strengthen our lungs by practicing breath techniques, this can help to release feelings of grief and sorrow. Let’s give our lungs some extra love and release stagnant energy and emotions. In addition, deep diaphragmatic breathing with mindfulness stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates feelings of calm and relaxation.

This class is centered around gentle movement and powerful breathing techniques to enliven and awaken the lungs, body and psyche so that we may ease any stored pain and sorrow.

The intention is to create a space to honor grief, detoxify the lungs, improve immunity, reduce stress levels, reduce feelings of anxiety, breathe from a deeper place in the body and connect with a deep sense of peace.

We hope this practice nourishes you to the depths.

Supplies: Pillow or meditation cushion to sit on, and a comfy space to lie down.

Casea Rose and Emily Brennan are the creators behind Lion Rituals, where they create and facilitate experiences that guide participants toward holistic wellbeing. They are two best friends and impact driven entrepreneurs who create epic breath and sound experiences that blend ancient modalities with modern science backed methods. Please visit to learn more.

Each week a slightly different focus.

May 17 - Moving Through Sadness

May 24 - Transmuting Stuck Energy

May 31 - Letting Go, Holding On, and the Space In Between

June 7 - Loving What Is

Your $11 contribution supports us in continuing to offer this work by purchasing necessary equipment to bring high quality experiences into the virtual space for more people. We deeply believe in the power of this practice. If would like to attend this event but are unable to pay the $11, please email us at and we will happily include you free of cost. Our goal is to make breathwork available and accessible to all.


“I never thought breathwork could move me in the ways that it has. From mind, body and soul I have learned how to feel and be more connected to myself, and Lion Rituals is this conduit for me. If you told me that I could laugh, cry, and emote by breathing deeper, I would have never believed it, but it works. It’s like 5 hours of sit down therapy in an hour.” (Justin Klosky, The OCD Experience)

“I originally met Casea and Emily at the Summit Powder Mountain weekend retreat, and it was my first experience with breathwork. After having gone through 6 years of chemo with my young daughter, the relief of emotions and trauma I experienced was unlike anything that had ever happened to me. It was like 400 therapy sessions in 45 minutes! I now attend their virtual class every Thursday, and each time I work with them the experience helps me reach a new level of clarity, peace and harmony. The music Casea creates takes you on a melodic journey that opens your heart and soul to the universe while Emily guides you in ways that make you feel connected to the entire world. It's profound, and I am grateful for these ladies every day!” (Tracy Ryan, Cannakids)

“How Lion rituals came to be, deeply inspires and cultivates courage. Indeed it is named Lion rituals rightfully so, sharing rituals for others to cultivate inner courage and breathe through any perceived fear, sadness or grief. A potent reminder through their story and their work; to keep breathing, no matter what the circumstance, you will get through this and can always come back to breath.” (Ronni Rancich, Lemurian Teacher)

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