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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

[canceled] Precious Grief - Visualization Meditation for Men

Hosted by Chloé Tahnée

[canceled] Precious Grief - Visualization Meditation for Men
A practice to invite the precious act of grieving into our life, with a curious heart and open mind. This guided visualization meditation is for you if you're a man or a male identifying individual.

A guided visualization journey, intended to explore wonder within the precious act of grieving from a place of curiosity and openness. This is an easeful, relaxing guided visualization meditation, that doesn't require any prior meditation experience.

This offering is for you if you're a man or a male identifying individual.

After a short period of gentle stretches to arrive in the body, I’ll be guiding you in some grounding and body awareness to deepen into stillness and presence. Then, we will embark on a little visualization journey to explore grief from a new angle. Anything is possible if we remain open to what is unfolding moment to moment.

Some guidance to make this a ‘zen’ experience for yourself as well as your fellow yogis:

> Be ready to sit for 40min. A cushion on the ground is ideal if this position is available to you without pain.

>The session starts at the stated time. For the best experience you’d ideally join from the start so we can begin together.

<3 If you join late however, you won’t disrupt others as sound is disabled for new entries to the meeting.

<3 People are muted upon entry. Please make sure to remain on mute during meditation to not let ambient noise disrupt the experience.

<3 No need to switch your microphone or video on if you prefer to remain unseen or nonverbal in your own space throughout the session.

<3 For those who want to connect, chat, share experiences or just say a quick hi, I'll open for an optional closing circle.

<3 For those new to zoom: You‘ll want to download the app ahead of time and make sure you can register and log in without any issues.

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