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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Museum Now: Collecting Our 2020 Stories...So Far

Museum Now: Collecting Our 2020 Stories...So Far
Be empowered to tell your story. Join us to discuss how 2020 has changed your life and share your learning experiences.

Social distancing and a tipping point of unrest provoked by systemic racism has created a crisis of intimacy. The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused the deaths of family and friends, economic insecurity, and suffering brought on by isolation. At the same time, a refusal to accept white supremacy has resulted in a global identity crisis, leaving us to contemplate new ways to move forward. Charles Eisenstein reminds us that this moment of crisis can be harnessed into great opportunity: "Instead of doubling down on control, we could finally embrace the holistic paradigms and practices that have been waiting on the margins,...we can bring them into the center and build a new system around then."

This event virtual conversation seeks to find collaborative methods of developing that new system. New York University graduate student, educator, and multimedia artist Christopher Rzigalinski invites you to share stories about your experiences so far during this tumultuous year. You are welcome to attend and listen, even if you are not interested in speaking. Our goal will be to create a communal space of idea generation and positivity, ensuring that no one has to suffer alone.

Interested participants will be invited to participate in a multimedia collection initiative as part of an NYU graduate thesis project.

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