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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Poetries and Metaphors of Loss and End-of-Life: A Workshop

Poetries and Metaphors of Loss and End-of-Life: A Workshop
“Poetries and Metaphors of Loss and End-of-Life” is a workshop for all those who believe or want to believe in the power of poetry.

In this non-judgmental place, the necessary will be just a computer and the desire to connect with others through the path of creativity.

Poetry therapy is a type of art-therapy aimed at using oral or written language to enhance individuals, couples, families and groups well-being.

This will be a 1 hour and a half experiential workshop that will follow the RES model (composed of receptive/prescriptive, expressive/creative, and symbolic/ceremonial modes) of Nicholas Mazza, Professor and Dean Emeritus at the Florida State University and president of the National Association for Poetry Therapy.

Participants will read and reflect on poetries about loss and death and will have the opportunity to write collaborative and individual poems. Furthermore, there will be extended use of metaphors, as a tool to express our inner feelings.

The maximum of participants for this workshop will be 12, to give the possibility to all the participants to express themselves and to give more space to discussion.

The facilitator is Nicole Bizzotto, an Italian poetry therapist with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology (Italy) and a Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology in Health Communication (Switzerland) and many years education in art-therapy and drama-therapy. She is Scientific Advisor of Mille Gru, a cultural association based in Milan, whose aim is to develop and spread poetry therapy in Italy. Nicole is an author in Mille Gru’s ezine of Poetry therapy where she interviews experts of this discipline from all around the world.

The co-facilitator is the Italian Michele Corengia, currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation on the use of art and marketing in end-of-life treatments.

This workshop is for all people who want to come to terms with the death of a love one.

Another workshop, more specific for health professionals (doctors, nurses and other health workers) in pain and palliative care centres or other units in which they face death evey day, will be conducted the 28th June. You can participate to both workshops.

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