Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions with Dr. Andrea Deerheart

Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions with Dr. Andrea Deerheart

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Join Dr. Andrea Deerheart in an ancient practice that will awaken a return reverence, & sanctity to life by offering an accessible means to transcend fears and inspire peace, love, and compassion.

Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions is a pathway to relaxation, visualization, & healing that offers a powerful tool to reduce suffering during these transformative times. During Yoga Nidra, the body is asleep, but the mind is a quiet participant in the healing process. This profound state of consciousness has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety & pain. One of the goals of this practice is to restore well-being even in the state of dis-ease, suffering, grief & death.

Together we will:

Practice Yoga Nidra

Learn about the science & benefits supporting the practice

Engage in a cathartic reflection.

Dr. Andrea Deerheart is the passionate founder of The HeartWay, a non-profit foundation dedicated to Embracing life thru Honoring Death, author of Elli’s Ride: Death beyond Imagination & the recording, Yoga Nidra: Graceful Transitions. Her primary teachings focus on issues related to graceful transitions, well-being, mythology, death & dying, compassionate care, as well as grief & loss.


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