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The Gratitude Gathering: Collective Remembrance Tapestry

The Gratitude Gathering: Collective Remembrance Tapestry
Part of The Gratitude Gathering. A chance to move, metabolize, verbalize, and materialize your memories. The act of vocalizing creates resonance for the bones - a healing balm in times of grief.

NOTE: The "Collective Remembrance Tapestry" is part of The Gratitude Gathering Retreat, which starts the evening of Nov. 20.

To register for Roshni's workshop: click “RSVP”, and you will be redirected to The Gratitude Gathering Retreat Registration page.

This workshop is an offering of The Nourishing Grief Retreat Series hosted by Roshni Kavate of Cardamom and Kavate.

The Nourishing Grief Retreat Series is offered from a multicultural perspective with teachers practicing their medicine with integrity and reverence to their culture, our retreat will be an experiential practice in :

  • How to build connection to your ancestors, and your inner artist to create beauty and meaning from your personal and collective grief.
  • How to connect to ancestral wisdom to cultivate daily rituals to nourish your grief.
  • Build kinship with plant medicine, and reimagine rest, movement and breath as medicine for the soul.
  • Create a new culture of community care
  • Explore intergenerational traditional wisdom of cooking, storytelling and how food is medicine.
  • Reimagine your own personal code for cultivating self pleasure

Who is this Retreat is for:

  • Anyone who wants to connect to their body with compassion, curiosity and explore what it means to nourish our soul.
  • Move from strength and resilience to radical rest, pleasure and softness.
  • Deep desire to connect ancestral traditions and rituals as tools for activism for contemporary times.
  • If you are needing a space to reflect, contemplate and cultivate a personal practice of wholeness.
  • For empaths, caregivers, activists, birth workers, health care providers, artists, healers.

Collective Remembrance Tapestry: Through journaling, movement and storytelling we will give voice to what is deep within our bones. To speak is to birth and materialize our inner wisdom. The reverberation of our stories and memories can heal what needs mending. It's a soothing balm for times of grief. Together, participants will weave a tapestry of words that will serve as affirmation, grief medicine, a wish for the future while connecting us with our ancestral roots.

Roshni Kavate is an Artist, Healer, and Activist. Roshni Kavate is the Founder and Creative Director of Cardamom and Kavate, a wellness platform dedicated to reclaiming nourishing practices rooted in ancestral wisdom for collective liberation. She believes grief is a portal to wholeness. Through rituals and storytelling, we can reconnect to our origins and be our wild selves. She sees the path to being whole as a radical art and political practice.

Roshni earned a B.S in Nutritional Sciences from UC Berkeley, a B.S in Nursing from NYU with honors and Ayurveda Post Partum Caregiver Training from The Center for Sacred Window Studies. Roshni has over a decade of Nursing experience in both clinical and leadership positions working with diverse populations in New York City, Los Angeles and Oakland. Her work has spanned from working as birth doula, transplant ICU nurse, home health nurse and to an end of life nurse. Most recently she worked as a Palliative Care Nurse at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland.

Roshni's early childhood was marked by the grief her mother and ancestors experienced by living on the margins based on gender and caste. Similarly in the United States, as a Nurse, Roshni witnessed racialized trauma and its lasting impact on the health and wellness of communities of color. Combining her interest in art, wellness and advocacy she has launched a startup, Cardamom and Kavate to reimagine what it means to rebirth ourselves, embody our freedom and live in our pleasure.

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