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The Gratitude Gathering: Gratitude & Sound Healing Circle

The Gratitude Gathering: Gratitude & Sound Healing Circle
As part of The Gratitude Gathering, honor someone in your life who has transitioned through a heart-opening sound healing session followed by a Gratitude Blooming card practice.

NOTE: “Gratitude & Sound Healing Circle: Honoring the Beloved Souls We've Lost” is part of The Gratitude Gathering Retreat, which starts the evening of Nov. 20.

To register for Belinda and Joy's event: click “RSVP”, and you will be redirected to The Gratitude Gathering Retreat Registration page.

We’ll begin by using sound healing to intentionally slow down to allow our hearts and bodies to sink into our senses and connect with the souls of the beloved people who we would like to honor in our circle.

The vibration/energy of crystal singing bowls can be impactful both physically on the mind/body and energetically on the subtle energy bodies. Gentle attention will be given to the heart chakra of each person who attends to deepen your connection to the spirit of the person who you would like to honor.

We will then transition into a group gratitude practice of choosing specific Gratitude Blooming card themes to express our remembrance for beloved souls. Each participant will be given dedicated time to share while the rest of the group bears witness.

The facilitators will hold a safe and sacred space for remembrance through sound healing, art, and nature inspiration.

Meet the hosts:

Belinda Liu is the founder of Gratitude Blooming, an organization that integrates art, nature and self-inquiry into inspiring gratitude-based tools and experiences for personal insight, human connection and social change.

As a former Teach For America teacher, China Fulbright Scholar, education reform leader and tech entrepreneur, Belinda is deeply embedded in diverse local and global communities. Her superpowers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating life-changing group learning experiences.

She and her husband are also co-founders of Hestia Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, CA, a magical 10-acre sanctuary for individuals and groups to explore and live their purpose from the inside out.

Joy Evans, MSW (she/her) offers practices of restorative rest and connection to nature. She offers sound healing with crystal singing bowls in a trauma-informed way that supports folks who are stressed, facing trauma, or struggle with accessing rest. She developed a deep commitment to embodiment practices while overseeing crisis response, advocacy, and healing services for folks impacted by intimate partner violence, sexual violence/harassment, and stalking.

She is a certified sound healer, nature and forest therapy guide, and in her third year of study with the School of Celtic Consciousness. Her personal mantra is “rooted in joy, moving with love, planting peace.”

Learn more about Joy's work on her website.

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