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Loss, Life, & Love Video Library

If you missed any of our workshops or Main Stage programs, you may find all videos from Loss, Life, & Love here.

About Leimert Park

Go local to uncover how we might all reimagine our approach to the hard parts of life.

Leimert Park is a neighborhood in South Los Angeles that will serve as the hub of the festival. Leimart Park Village is the heart of historical and contemporary African-American art, music and culture in the city of L.A. It embodies deep wisdom pertaining to the relationship between loss, strength, and beauty, which is expressed in many diverse forms. From jazz, to hip-hop, to funk, to gospel, to art, to food, to its entrepreneurial spirit, its creativity has always been a vibrant source of healing and love.

About Reimagine

A nonprofit transforming loss, life, and love through creativity and conversation

Reimagine is a nonprofit organization that aims to help all people face adversity, loss, and mortality and transform the hard parts of life into positive growth and action. Through this mission we hope to create a more compassionate world where everyone has the opportunity to make the most of this wild and precious life. Prior to the pandemic, our arts & culture festivals in San Francisco and New York became the largest end-of-life themed convenings in the U.S.