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Integrating Action: A Workshop for Reimagine Collaborators

Hosted by Reimagine

Calling all Reimagine collaborators, veterans and rookies! Develop strategies to encourage your event participants to take small, sweet steps towards transformative action.

Loss is already so hard, but it can feel insurmountable as the pandemic resurges and our systems continue to perpetuate injustice. To help repair broken hearts and a broken world, it is important to remain steadfast in our belief that beautiful things can come from the hardest places, and that we’re more powerful when we come together to grieve, grow, and take action. We’re calling on you now to create spaces this Fall--still virtually-- that foster these ideals.

In an effort to create a thread across all Reimagine events about the Fall theme of "Grief, Growth, and Action", we're asking collaborators to prompt participants to take an action for their own wellbeing and/or for the benefit of their communities. And when we say “actions,” we don’t just mean the grand variety. We’re talking about the small, sweet steps that lead to healing and transformation. Taking action can mean writing a journal entry, planting a flower bed, reaching out to someone ailing, making a sign for your window, sitting in stillness, creating art, or taking on some act of service or love.

In this workshop we'll brainstorm in small and large groups how to incorporate small, sweet steps into our events.


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