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50-Point Executor Checklist

Download the free 50-Point Executor's Checklist from Kicking The Bucket List by Gail Rubin, CT. It helps guide you toward preparing your EOL arrangements.

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More than 70% of adults avoid preparing for end-of-life realities. They don’t have wills or trusts, advance medical directives or pre-need funeral planning in place before there’s a death in the family. One way to convince people to make these arrangements is to examine the many responsibilities an estate executor has to carry out.

An executor can be a spouse, adult child, a legally-appointed friend or relative, or a trust company named by the decedent in their will or trust (decedent means the person who has died). The executor’s job is made so much harder if information hasn’t been pulled together nor decisions made in advance.

Check out this partial list of steps to shut down the many aspects of a life, a part of Gail Rubin’s book KICKING THE BUCKET LIST: 100 Downsizing and Organizing Things To Do Before You Die. You can download the full list for free at this web page.

My Inspiration

While writing Kicking The Bucket List, I realized there was so much more to do beyond 100 things detailed in the book. I added this list of what to do after someone dies to settle their estate to prompt people to take care of the essentials detailed in the book and then some.

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