A Creative Toolkit for Grief & Bereavement

The Creative Toolkit for Working with Grief and Bereavement is a practitioner's guide to grief theory and provides effective grief models to help bereaved people.

A resource by Claudia Coenen: The Karuna Project

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Would you like to deepen your knowledge of grief and how to help people through it? The Creative Toolkit will help you expand your methods of working with bereaved clients, whether you are a seasoned therapist in need of more information about grief or a person who simply wants to help grieving people.

The Toolkit contains the history of grief and an overview of several current models that are effective and well researched. The book also looks at grief through various lens including the Narrative Lens, the Creative Lens, the Somatic Lens and others.

30 activity sheets are available for photocopying to use with bereaved people.

The ebook version will be released on May 21, 2020 and the activity sheets will be downloadable. The physical book will be released on July 23, 2020. Published by Jessica Kingsley Books, The Creative Toolkit is available for pre-order on Amazon.

My Inspiration

Everyone grieves and sometimes people seek help. What is taught about grief in therapy programs, in medical training? Courses in thanatology are generally not offered in these programs, leaving professionals without guidance. This book was written to educate practitioners and to encourage them to develop their own ways to help their clients. We need to know how to talk with people about their grief and how to help. We need to develop a toolkit so that our response to bereaved people will be sensitive, compassionate and effective.

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