Ancestral Lineage Healing

Ancestral healing is a spiritually-grounded, ritual process that empowers you to connect, repair and nurture relationships with your own wise and loving ancestors.

A resource by Kirra Swenerton

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Many of us are lost, disconnected and hungry for a sense of belonging after generations of displacement, oppression, colonialism and the rippling, ongoing consequences of cultural wounding. We carry these burdens within our families and our bodies - but we carry the blessings, as well. The lineage repair process opens a pathway to your roots to fuel the transformation of inherited burdens and the full embodiment of your gifts.

This approach is an effective, securely held form of ritual work (unlike conventional therapy) which assists you to directly access the supportive guidance of your own ancestors of blood and bone. The process is experiential and combines ritual, guided trance, dreamwork and offering practices. There are no prerequisites, however, prior experience with inner work and relation with spirit guides are both helpful. I am accepting new clients for one-on-one phone and Zoom sessions and can support small ongoing study groups by arrangement. I have trained extensively in this modality as developed by Dr. Daniel Foor of Ancestral Medicine and am a certified practitioner of this work.

If you are ready to learn more, book a free 20 min consultation with me and find out if this work is right for you or read more about the approach on my website.

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