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Artists Use #DearEarth to Heal the Planet

We invited artists starting on Earth Day to post art that celebrates earth and envisions a sustainable future. Use the #DearEarth tag and keep posting year-round!

A resource by Bravo Valenti

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Thank you. I love you. An Earth Day 2020 #DearEarth poem

by Bravo Valenti. (c) 2020 Healing A.P.E. Company. All Rights Reserved

Let’s sing a song of love and gratitude

For every longitude and every latitude

Every mountain and every ocean

That keeps this place in motion

For our ancient ances-tree

That gave birth to you and me

Her branches and roots

Her kaleidoscopic flowers

And succulent fruits

And her sap and bark

And Noah who built that ark

So the animals and we

could multiply

Into infinity

Let’s sing a song of gratitude and love

To the ground below us and the sky above

What were we thinking of

When we almost destroyed this place

And the whole human race?

Dreaming we might start over on a distant orb?

Here, let the ground absorb our tears

And suck up our fears of mortality

For we are immortal

If we so choose

We have nothing to lose

and everything to gain

how can I best explain?

It’s our sacred duty

To create beauty,

To end suffering, hatred and pain

So we are calling upon all

Who create art and heal

To help everyone feel

The importance of this moment

When oil crashed to below zero

And the sun became our new hero

and “Net Zero” the new anthem

Fossilized ideas and fuels?

Let’s ban them!

Our heart beats? Let’s scan them

Our futures? Let’s plan them!

Because this place and the human race

Ain’t going away

If we all step up to save this day

Earth Day

The planet of our birth day

The planet of our self-worth day

In every way

Should be every day

There is no dichotomy

Between Buddha and the Book of Deuteronomy

Between blue collar and white collar and Jesus and Allah

And the Harvard professor and the ghetto scholar

And the jungles of Indonesia

and the strip malls of Walla Walla

and the synesthesia

I saw-heard

The Indian chief, the plumaged bird

And the tribes of the Amazon and Amazon dot com

For only the Universe and the Supreme Power delivers

24/7 the eternal hum of AUM

of OM

Of this is your home

So protect it

Respect it

And hand it down to the next generation

Join us tonight as we put out a vibration

To save our ancestral planet Earth

And say to everything below you,

around you

and above you:

“Thank you. I love you.”

My Inspiration

I created “Thank You I Love You” as a digital painting in order to share the mantra of love and gratitude I was given, through a channeling from the Universe/Divine Intelligence. "Thank you, I love you, Earth. You are our ancestral planet. Thank you, I love you, Father our Creator and Mother Nature. Thank you, I love you, Animal Kingdom. Plant Kingdom. Bacterial Kingdom. You are our ancestors, too. We evolved from you." - Bravo Valenti, Artist and Founder of Healing A.P.E. Company (Healing Artists Preserving Earth)

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