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Be A Tree!

Forget cremation or caskets—by choosing a Tree Burial well before you need it, your positive impact on future generations starts now.

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Our bodies are filled with nutrients that can sustain trees for decades—in return, they literally clean the air we breathe and cool the planet’s rising temps. Every Tree Burial creates a healthier foundation for all life on Earth. Together we can reforest the world through death.

Pre-planning a Tree Burial greatly benefits the planet right now. We plant 1,000 trees for every Grove reserved, which means if 1 in 7 people choose Tree Burial, 1.2 trillion trees would be planted worldwide—the amount scientists believe could meaningfully offset the most harmful effects of climate change.

Every Tree Burial takes place in a beautifully maintained, perpetually preserved Transcend forest complete with a visitor center, winding paths, ceremonial spaces and a personalized Grove marker at your tree. We’re building a global network of these forests within 2 hours of select metropolitan areas totaling thousands of acres of conserved, reforested land. Since everything in the forest is connected, your biology doesn’t just transform into a single tree, but an entire forest that friends and family can visit for generations.

While Tree Burial reservations officially open in 2023, the "Future Tree" movement is sprouting now. By securing your founding membership today, you are taking immediate action that helps support global reforestation without any binding commitment to our services. 100% of your one-time membership fee goes to our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

Join Transcend in its mission to help all of us cultivate a healthier relationship with mortality by reconnecting us more deeply to the Earth.