Befriending Death & Uncertainty: A Presentation

Wondering about how to translate these immense world changes into meaning and purpose? Want to break taboos around death-talk? This presentation offers some guiance...

A resource by Spirit of Resh Foundation

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This presentation to the Unitarian Universalists of Grants Pass, Oregon came just a day before we were asked to Shelter-in-Place. It was the first Zoom presentation in our community and the first service held in an empty sanctuary. We scrambled to make the Loss to Legacy Book Talk relevant to the moment.

Spirit of Resh Foundation founder, Lily Myers Kaplan talks about the coronavirus as an initiation for our culture. She emphasizes the need for metaphorical death before rebirth or a phoenix is able to rise from the ashes. Lily suggests that we consider what covid is asking of us. It’s an inspirational message encouraging us to befriend the deaths we are facing as a culture and as a people. Many have said how much it helped them and set an important context for the coming months. We hope it touches a chord in you, too.

Our Inspiration

At the root of all our offerings is this wisdom: Loss is universal. Stories heal. Something new rises from the ashes of grief when we embrace its tumult. Born from our own experience of transforming sorrow into service, this Unitarian Universalist presentation proposes that accepting mortality and death (both literal and metaphorical) releases suffering, awakens compassion, and calls us to service. In this presentation, and always, we firmly stand for the power of talking about loss and embracing death as a way to live more fully, love more completely, and serve more wholeheartedly.

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