Burial Or Cremation, What Funerals To Choose?

Burial vs Cremation - what to choose? This is always not an easy topic for conversation, to choose the last goodbye for your loved ones or even yourself.

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Death is inevitable and the normal cycle of all living things. And deciding between burial or cremation is one big decision. There are no right or wrong answers, and in fact, it’s a personal choice that you have to decide whether you prefer cremation or traditional burial.

But still, several factors might play a significant role in your decision-making, such as religious beliefs, spirituality, cost, and many more.

Today, many people prefer cremation over burial for cost-effectiveness while also saving land and space. Hence, understanding more about the requirements of a funeral service can help you make the right decision for yourself.

Burial Vs. Cremation

Some people can find peace in being buried after death, while it can be disconcerting for some, and it can be overwhelming. For some, thinking about their body decomposing or being walked over by visitors can be an unsettling thought. At the same time, some people consider cremation a spiritual means, hoping for a new life and wanting their ashes to be scattered into the wind or the ocean. It’s not an easy choice to make, and it takes a lot of courage to make the final call.

Environmental Impact

On the other hand, ground burial is hazardous to the planet for several reasons. Such as an obvious need for land to bury, but there isn’t enough room for the population, and harsh chemicals for embalming the bodies can pollute the water table below. Whereas cremation does not require any land, and remains can be scattered. Though cremations emit carbon dioxide, still it’s less harmful than a traditional burial.

Cost Of Funeral Service

Cremation is less expensive than ground burial when it comes to a funeral, and the cost is the determining factor. Also, costs can quickly add up during memorial planning. Since cremation is cost-effective, it’s also preferred by many. As for the burial, there are many factors to consider, such as a headstone, embalming the body, land for burying, a casket, and miscellaneous other costs. In contrast, cremation is much simpler, helps the earth to save space, and costs a thousand bucks less.

By saying this, while considering the costs, it’s essential to draw attention to the fact that cremation is not a dismissal of the traditional burial. Instead, it’s another form of body disposition that you will have to decide and choose for yourself.

Cremation converts the body to remains in a few hours, whereas ground burying means the natural and slow decomposition of the body.

The Flexibility Of Funeral Service

For traditional burial, strict schedules are followed according to the funeral program, and the service should be planned within days. This means out-of-town relatives and friends will have to take expensive plane tickets, travel overnight, stay in hotels, etc., adding extra stress to the already overwhelming situation.

However, cremation has to do away with strict time constraints. Usually, the service occurs soon after a person has breathed his/her last, and the ashes are handed over to the family member. Afterwhich, the family members can take as much time as required to plan a memorial service for all to attend. In some cases, some family members decide to scatter the ashes or purchase separate urns to keep their loved ones close to them.

Whichever type of funeral you choose, the decisions for final parting are tough and personal. If you’re planning far ahead because of terminal illness or taking care of your final arrangements, it’s best to discuss your ideas with your dear ones and give them time and space to process your decision.

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