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Can Artists Save Our Earth? Healing A.P.E Podcast

Mystical artist Bravo Valenti uncannily covers a wide range of subjects as he explores how artists can lead the narrative on climate crisis and heal our planet.

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Despite the efforts of scientists, environmental organizations, policymakers and technologists, for 18 of the past 19 years global warming has gotten worse. Now, mystic and artist Bravo Valenti calls upon his fellow artists to seize the narrative on climate crisis. "As artists, we are natural healers and the bearers of humanity's cultural legacy. Artists must now inspire the world to save Earth. All of the technological solutions to climate crisis exist. What is lacking is the spiritual awakening, the deep love and gratitude for our ancestral planet, that would never allow us to risk the future of our own home and home to our children and their children. As artists, we are uniquely poised to inspire, educate and entertain as we shift the planetary consciousness away from unbridled greed and materialism and towards love and gratitude for our ancestral planet, Earth.

My Inspiration

In my podcasts, I share the incredible story of how I unexpectedly channeled a series of messages in 2018 from a famous deceased 20th Century artist- Victor Vasarely, "The Father of Op Art"- whose poster hung on my art studio wall uneventfully until one day, the artist himself appeared in it and shared messages of a dystopian future of cataclysmic climate crisis. He also called on me to unite artists to shift our planetary consciousness away from self-destruction and towards "love and gratitude" for our ancestral planet Earth. Over the course of time, I went from someone who had minimal interest in the metaphysical or paranormal to becoming a full blown channeler and mystic, and have since received visits from Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsburg, Yogananda, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many other artists and healers from the past, who have all shared with me their concern over the future of humanity and our ancestral planet Earth. As I share my remarkable journey towards becoming a mystic, I cover topics as disparate as the decline of the coal industry to psychedelics, and connect them all to how we can shift our planet's consciousness to the next stage of human evolution, prevent cataclysmic climate crisis and hand down our great human legacy to our children and all future generations.

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