Certified End of Life, Grief, Living Losses Coach

I provide support for clients through their most profound and subtle life transitions. We all need to be listened to—to be witnessed-- in order to hear our own wisdom.

A resource by Cathy Hope, ACC - Life Transitions Coach

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What Clients are Saying:

"I don't need a therapist, I need someone to be with me, not afraid of my tears, won't coddle me, will hear and acknowledge, share practical information and remind me this is the way, my way."

"Cathy has the ability to really listen and hear".

"Cathy is exceptionally gentle and attentive. She is present for whatever is real for me, allowing me the space to explore and asking questions that help me find my way."

My Inspiration

In my own life, I have walked the end of life journey with several friends, neighbors, my aging parents and beloved pets. I have seen the peace that comes from mindfully walking through end of life head-on and how denial can cause great suffering. I have also made several major life transitions in order to live in a way that is more aligned with who I am. I have reinvented my career twice; the second time was to better support living with a chronic health condition. I chose a natural death for both of my beloved dogs and have joined others on their journey of making the decision and navigating the nonlinear process. I believe no one should have to walk their journey alone. Death effects everyone, not just the person dying.

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