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Coffin vs Casket - What Is The Difference?

A coffins and funeral caskets are similar items that are specially designed boxes used to hold, transport, and bury the human remains.

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The most significant difference between a Casket vs. Coffin is the shape. Caskets have a rectangle shape that has four sides. And coffins are tapered at the foot side and the head. They are wider at the shoulders. Another difference is coffins have six sides while caskets have only four sides. These days, most caskets have two independently opened parts of the lid for the upper and lower casket sides, while coffins can be only opened or closed entirely since there is only one lid covering the whole coffin.

"Caskets" and "Coffins" are often used as interchangeable terms. In the US, they mostly used 4-sides caskets, while in Europe, 6-sides coffins are more popular.

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