Community Ancestor Circles, SF Bay Area

Work with your elevated ancestors in facilitated community rituals that include journey/visioning, forgiveness practices, song, dance, prayer, dialogue and altar-making.

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Welcome to the Winter Quarter Ancestor Circles!

7:00pm-9:00pm, every 3rd Thursday

Haven Community, 3003 Telegraph Ave, Oakland in the Mural Room

$120 for 3 months of facilitated community rituals

Monthly Ancestor Circles aim to provide ongoing support for folks continuing the ancestral lineage healing process through facilitated community ritual. During these rituals we work directly and safely with elevated ancestral guides to assist and support the troubled dead who may be having a significant influence in our lives. Each 2-hour circle includes direct visioning/journey work, forgiveness practices, song, movement, prayer, heart-centered group dialogue, altar-making and other inclusive types of ritual. There are prerequisites for joining and space is limited to 15 participants. To register or for more information, visit our Meetup Group or contact me at

Imagine walking through life with your ancestors at your side, claiming your strengths, following your true path and feeling resourced, resilient and whole. This transformative work can help untangle deep-seeded negative family patterns and empower you to shine your light into the world. With access to your ancestors as a source of profound wellness, you may resolve long-standing family struggles or become inspired to engage in social and environmental healing on a new level.

Participants are expected to have prior experience with this method of ancestor work and possess basic ritual etiquette skills. Prerequisites for attendance include either: past participation in a 3-day Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensive through Ancestral Medicine, personal sessions with a certified practitioner, or attendance in Dr. Foor's online course.

Meetings are from 7:00pm-9:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Mural Room at Haven Community, located at 3003 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. The space is wheelchair accessible, with some limited parking and less than 10 blocks from BART. Please arrive on time and plan to stay for the duration. Chairs, backjacks and pillows are provided but consider bringing your own blanket or anything else that will help you be more comfortable. Registration for the Winter Quarter includes 3 monthly Ancestor Circles. The requested contribution is $120 for a 3-month commitment and advanced registration is required. The circle is limited 15 participants, who will stay together for the full 3-month quarter. Please reach out directly if the cost is a barrier.

For more information, visit our Meetup Group or contact me.

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