Conflict Resolution for Elders

Life cycle events can trigger conflict even in the most loving families. Find out how to resolve conflicts while preserving the long-term integrity of the family.

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Through confidential, cost-effective conflict resolution services, even the most intractable conflicts can begin to be resolved. Whether you're dealing with aging parents, end-of-life planning for yourself or a loved one, or adult sibling conflicts around any of these issues, individual conflict coaching can support you through the most triggering situations with a sense of calm and equanimity.

For families in conflict, mediation provides a way to move from hardened positions that create an impasse to any resolution to identifying interests in a safe, non-judgmental space and then moving beyond that expression of interests to finding common ground and then co-planning a solution to the triggering problem.

Workshops for caregivers and other professionals help you see your part in the family dynamic and contribute to the overall health of the family.


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