Covid Grief Network

An emerging project connecting young adults who are grieving the illness or death of someone close to COVID to free emotional and spiritual support, and to each other.

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As covid-19 continues to spread and claim lives around the world, individuals, families, and communities are grieving — whether grief about the death of a loved one to covid-19, or anticipatory grief about a loved one’s illness. No one should have to do this alone.

Our mission at the COVID Grief Network is to provide short term grief support and build long term community for young adults who are grieving in the midst of this pandemic.

To address this growing crisis, we are an emerging national network of volunteers — therapists, chaplains, spiritual directors, grief counselors, facilitators, coaches, mindfulness practitioners, and healers — supporting young adults in their 20s and 30s.

Visit our website for more information and to sign up to receive support:

Our Inspiration

The network is organized by volunteers. We are a group of therapists, chaplains, and community organizers who saw an emerging need and decided to respond with this network. Many of us are young adults who have experienced big personal losses ourselves, and know how powerful it can be to have company in grief. This network is a representation of the community we need and are helping to create in the world.

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