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Titan Casket: The Smart Way to Buy a Casket. Don't let an emotional loss turn into a financial loss. Buy from Titan, and get dramatic savings and personalized service.

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Titan Casket is more than your casket supplier. We deliver handcrafted funeral caskets at revolutionary prices. Titan is America's casket maker, coordinating free casket delivery directly to your funeral home - or to your alternative funeral service location. Our caskets ship fast and they are guaranteed to arrive on time, without hassles and extra fees. Introducing the world's only complete and easy casket customization by Titan Casket. We are your friend in the funeral industry. Start your design and begin getting peace of mind.

Our Inspiration

Titan Casket believes that everyone should have a memorable, meaningful, and personalized funeral - one that stays within a designated budget. We think that families should be treated with dignity.  Titan Casket believes that the funeral industry needs to be modernized so that families can say farewell in the way that is right for them.

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