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The death positive movement and a necessary conversation. Change your conversations and change your life.

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Did you know there is a Death-Positive Movement occurring across the globe? This social and philosophical movement encourages everyone to start engaging in open conversations around death.

A Necessary Conversation (ANC) is part of this movement, and it is our belief that when individuals chose to speak openly about death, personal transformations begin to transpire.

ANC Benefits:

Boost Understanding and Knowledge

Acquire Peace of Mind through Exploring

Achieve Empowerment through Decision Making

Reconnect, Repair and/or Improve Relationships

Reshape Your Life and Your Priorities

The 3-E's (Explore*Empower*Enrich) can help to reduce the anxiety around End of Life by engaging in death awareness, education and communal support.

Live Life Death Aware

Benefits of ´╗┐Death Awareness and What is a Death Doula?

ANC is a Death Doula Practice that supports those that want to transform their experiences with death, dying and grief.

About Dee Dee and The Full Spectrum Doula

My Inspiration

My journey into learning more about death, dying and grief, began when I was very young. I was always fascinated by death, but knew I shouldn't talk about it. Therefore, I stuffed my curiosity and wonder for dozens of years. After experiencing many deaths, my spirit hit a turning point. My dad died unexpectedly, and my sisters and I were given the opportunity to orchestrate his "Celebration of Life". We were overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. Our mom, the hero of this story, saved the day, by stepping in showing us how to honor our Dad in a beautiful day. This act of kindness (my parents had been divorced over 20+ years) showed me that when love is put above anything else, true essence is able to shine. Several years after my dad's death, I purposely set to seek out "spiritual dying". This led me on the path of receiving certification and trainings in several areas, such as: death doula, death midwifery, spiritual care program, traumatic grief peer training, grief training and advanced care planning, in addition to volunteering for hospice and NODA. Im also honored to have over 22 years of sobriety, which means that most likely none of the above journey would have happened so seamlessly. A Necessary Conversation is a heart to heart practice, where together, we explore your relationships with End of Life, we empower you to make life and death decisions that best represent your wishes and preferences and finally, we enrich your relationships so that you can live fully and Live Death Aware

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