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End of Life Planning Conversation Starters

With the support of a caregiver readiness coach, answering a few key questions as a family will create the blueprint for an end of life plan of care for your loved one.

A resource by Victoria Crispin

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Making end of life arrangements for an aging loved one is often avoided until the onset of a major health event, placing families in the incredibly vulnerable position of having to make already painful, critical decisions while under duress. But it doesn't have to be this way. You can be prepared.

My Inspiration

In my mid-20s as I was navigating my career and adulthood, my father had a near fatal right brain stroke and he was never the same. And despite many demanding and rigorous professional roles since then, navigating his care has been the hardest job of my life. As a family caregiver, I moonlit as a medical translator, advocate, and care integrator as I witnessed silent atrocities in skilled nursing, hospital, and hospice facilities over the 10.5 years that I supported him through traumatic brain injury. These are imprints that will stay with me forever. Stepping into this role can and must be easier for the rest of us, which is why I've launched Purpose-built Careā€”to assist family caregivers in dire need of clear and concise information, a listening ear, and a helping hand.

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