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endnotes: holistic end of life planning workbook

Endnotes is an evidence-based EOL guidebook, developed by doulas and nurses. It describes what you do and don’t want to happen before, during, and after your death.

A resource by The Peaceful Presence Project

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90% of people say they want to talk about their end of life wishes; but research shows only about 30% have actually done so.

endnotes is a tool for anyone to use; you don't have to be ill or dying to be prepared.

The workbook is organized into four sections: mind, body, heart, and loved ones, to help guide you in gathering the documents your loved ones will need, and the wishes you want honored, into one place.

Share what matters most to you: your values as well as your relationships. This is both a table of contents and an epilogue to the incredible life you have lived.

Our Inspiration

Time and again, we saw that our clients were largely unprepared for the end of life. We wanted to ease the suffering that came along with this lack of preparation--for the client and the loved ones they left behind. Drawing upon wisdom gleaned from our personal experiences with unprepared family, as well as the knowledge we have gained from advance care planning experts, we developed this book to go beyond a simple checklist. One of our clients says it best: "My lovely hospice social worker shared a copy of endnotes with me. At first I was skeptical, and thought 'what? another book about dying well?!' But your unique perspective and user-friendly presentation inspires the reader to ponder a little longer...and pondering is just what we need to do." ~K.Cook, Washington State

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