Film: A Love That Never Dies

How do we grieve? Why do we grieve and why do we fear those who grieve? This feature-length documentary showcases grief in ways that will move and inspire you.

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In a world of strange silences and hidden anxieties, two bereaved parents search for a better way to grieve.

A Love That Never Dies is a road trip and a love letter to a dead son. The filmmakers' son Joshua died in a road accident in Southeast Asia eight years ago, and they now honour him with their own journey across the USA where they meet with other families who have also lost a child, all of whom have found grief variously isolating, transformative, and ultimately, life enhancing.

Unique in its storytelling, A Love That Never Dies is full of insights and raw honesty made possible only by the fact that both filmmakers and subjects share a common bond. It is a beautiful and poetic film with stories of grief that refuse social expectations about moving on or letting go.

"This film will change the way the world sees grief."

Scarlett Lewis (Mother of Sandy Hook victim)

"Masterful... essential viewing for anyone trying to rebuild their lives after tragedy."

Prof. Robert Neimeyer (University of Memphis)

  • 75 minute feature documentary from acclaimed filmmakers Jimmy Edmonds and Jane Harris
  • Available in digital format

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