Finding Joy in Grief

Did you know you can find JOY in Grief? Learn how to release the pain, anger & fear; to work through the pain to find PEACE.

A resource by Helen Condon

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As you navigate these sometimes deep waters, I would love to work with you to help you find your way to solid ground. I have monthly subscription programs to address this life-affirming process. If you have a question, just click here and fill out the form so we can discuss your Grief, or the Grief of someone you love.

Our Inspiration

Who am I? Helen Condon, BA.ED., IAP CLC My oldest child died from metastatic breast cancer in 2018, 8 years after her brother, my youngest son, had also died from brain cancer. As someone intimately acquainted with the place of Grief in my life I believe and can - and should - open my heart and life to help you with yours. This is a journey we can make together, regaining purpose and, yes, JOY!

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