Funeral Casket Colors Options - How To Choose?

Choosing the funeral casket color for your loved one can be one of the hardest decisions in your life. When the time comes, we need to make the right decisions.

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One of the many challenging situations while planning for a funeral is choosing the color of the casket. Of course, as much as choosing the right casket is essential, picking the right casket color too is an important decision.

Some might not stress much on the color of the casket and can quickly pick one. Meanwhile, some consider the flower arrangements and the deceased outfit to complement the color of the casket.

If you’re torn between different variations of the funeral casket colors, the pink caskets, white caskets, and blue casket, are the most popular options in the US our days. We’ll help you in picking the right casket tone for yourself or your loved one.

White Casket

The color white is associated with various meanings and is one of the purest colors. White stands for simplicity, purity, innocence, peace, calmness and is the color of perfection. The color white represents new beginnings. In some cultures, white is associated with mourning the deceased, which also means ending one’s life and beginning a new life. So there’s a pretty good meaning behind the color white. Though there is some negativity associated with the color white for its coldness and isolation, there’s a lot of positivity if we look at the bright side.

Also, most white caskets are made of metal. The advantage of choosing a white casket is that any flower arrangements or color of the flower can pop with it, including the deceased’s outfit. You can also opt for white roses, and they would still look good.

For white caskets, the interior doesn’t have to be a significant issue as it easily complements any color, be it lilac, pink, mahogany, or baby blue. White is a popular color best suited for open-minded people who are always eager to share with the world.

Blue Casket

Blue is a versatile color, representing trust, loyalty, honesty, and responsibility. If a person used to be friendly or exhibited confidence, burying them in a blue casket is a perfect choice.

Blue also makes an obvious choice for funerals as it’s associated with sadness or ‘feeling blue.” Above all, this color also represents peace and tranquility.

Like every color with positive and negative meanings attached, even blue can mean calmness, wisdom, and serenity while also meaning depression or authority. Whichever the case may be, blue gives a soothing feeling of peace on the positive side.

In some cultures, blue symbolizes paradise, a sign of hope, healing, and mourning. Which also makes perfect sense in choosing a blue casket for the funeral. The best of all, blue represents heaven.

Blue caskets pairs best with any color, such as shades of pink, white, peach, or gold, and flower arrangements with these color combinations can enhance the casket's look and look appropriate.

Aside from being unable to decide between these colors, if your dear one or yourself have a signature color or a specific color representing your’s or their personality, it should be easier to choose. Or why not choose a color that reflects their taste? It would add more meaning!

As an option, if you really can’t decide, then the best alternative would be to choose a casket, either white, pink, or blue, and if you opt for white, the interior can be blue vice versa. Similarly, if you want to use just one color, you can choose the other color for flower arrangements. The options are plenty, and the best advantage is both these colors complement each other. Hence, incorporating these two colors for the casket can never go wrong. The bottom line is it’s a personal choice, and you can always choose what you feel is best.

Pink Casket

It’s a stereotype for sure, but the pink color has always been connected to womanhood and possibly purity. Many people think this is a “girly” color, but its numerous levels of intensity can send various messages.

A pale pink tells a story about a sweet person, whereas a dusty pink is rather sentimental. Go with a light pink for a very romantic woman.

At the end of the scale, we find hot pink, which talks about a person that was incredibly energetic, fun, and adventurous.

Many refer to soft pink as the “millennial pink” as the generation loves the blush tones.

Pink caskets are very popular these days everywhere around the globe, and especially in the US. Today pink caskets are used not only by women, but for men, and there is nothing wrong with that.

As always, everyone needs to choose what is close to his/her personality, the funeral casket is a very intimate item, which is finalize the long life journey of every person, and the decision about its color needs to be made right.