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Grief Mentoring - Crystal Webster & Sharing Solace

Programs and groups are wonderful and all…but sometimes you want a little more. Grief isn’t cookie-cutter so why should your support be?

A resource by Sharing Solace

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Crystal and the Sharing Solace family are here to support you, privately and personally, as you choose your unique path towards healing. You use our time together however it best serves your soul – exploring the topics and questions that are most pressing to you.

This type of support is right for you if:

  • You don’t want to continue living your life waiting to die {but, maybe, don’t know how to move forward}
  • You want your grief and life experiences to make you a better person (not a bitter one)
  • You’re ready to be mindful regarding your path towards your new happy
  • You understand that you will never ‘get over’ your grief, and also want to learn to carry it as effectively as possible
  • You want to believe ‘everything happens for a reason’ – and you also kinda wanna throat punch anyone that says that.
  • You’re ready to feel better equipped to handle your day to day experiences and emotions

Our Inspiration

Some potential topics to explore may include: Coping – finding ways to get through the day, hour, or minute Comfort – finding long term peace with your experiences Healing – allowing your emotional wounds to scar over and the pain to ease Managing – your emotions and the expectations of those emotions Finding – hope when you feel there is none Unpacking – dissecting how your yesterday is shaping your today and tomorrow Permission – giving yourself the space and grace to care for yourself

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