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Grieve and Breathe

Be held by community in the preciousness of life, grief, + breath. In ceremony we shall honor our loved ones that have passed on. Embraced in comfort, forgiveness & LOVE!

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Be held by community ~ in the preciousness of life, grief, and our breath.

Everyone affected by death and dying is invited to join. Together we lean into resistance and fear. We will be held in a brave container to feel anger, sorrow, and pain. Opening to the love and life that is here now, again and again.

Please bring photos of your Beloveds as well as sacred items to place on the altar in reverence and healing. In ceremony we shall honor our loved ones that have passed on; ancestors, family, friends, teachers, pets, relationships and much more. Being embraced in comfort, forgiveness, and LOVE!

We will sit in Council to listen from the heart and speak from the heart. Followed by a High Vibrational Breathwork session focused on accessing grief and finding peace.

Held by End of Life Midwives

Amber Deylon + Jenn Parma

In the Bridging Transitions Lineage

Our Inspiration

Soul sisters Amber Deylon and Jenn Parma began their end of life midwifery journey when Amber's beloved mother ended her life on Sept 2, 2019. Soon after their dear friend died. Amber's dog died, both of her grandmothers and her Pops were diagnosed with Cancer. A true believer that her family was not allowing the grief to flow from the shocking death of her mother. She witnessed grief turn into disease. At a Dia de los Muertos ceremony Amber met End of Life Guide and teacher Cheserae Scala of Bridging Transitions. Jenn + Amber enrolled in her training retreat "The Sacred Journey of Conscious Dying" co-held by Birgitta Kastenbaum. Followed by their second training retreat "The Conscious Journey of Sacred Tending and Ritual After Death." Together Birgitta and Cheserae created an incredibly beautiful and sacred space for storytelling, learning, and healing. Enveloped with the mantra "In the end their is only love." "I was initiated into service by walking beside my step-father as he had 6 months from diagnosis to his death. Cheserae and Birgitta midwifed me as I midwifed my Pops. One of the most gut-wrenching and heart opening experiences of my life. It was after I bathed and shrouded Pops and took a moment for grass on my feet, sun on my crown and deep breaths with the trees that I received the message that this truly is my purpose... supporting the dying and their loved ones" - Amber Deylon Amber is a healer, trained Council Facilitator, and host of Sacred Death Podcast. Jenn is creator of High Vibrational Breathwork, a sound healer and coach. Together they hold sacred containers for the expressions of pain and love

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