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Guide for the Grief Journey: an online course

Are you on a grief journey of some kind? Want to learn how to support others on theirs? Stay tuned for the upcoming e-course at Wisdom Ways Center for Spirituality...

A resource by InVocation Spiritual Guidance

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Guide for the Grief Journey:

Ten Touchstones

We’ll explore best practices (10 Touchstones) for processing grief, and supporting others through it. And we'll learn about grief as spiritual and creative part of our lives.

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Our Inspiration

Ever since my dad passed on in 2015, I’ve always wished there was a more thorough base of support for people going through grief – and I feel we need this as a planet now more than ever. I've found profound sacredness in the grief journey, and know that in this online course, you can find it too. Together, we'll make it through the wilderness of grief, and find beauty and hope along the way.