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How to Choose the Right Casket

Titan Casket recognizes that choosing a casket for a loved one is difficult. We aim to provide the information you need to Choose the Best Casket for your budget.

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Titan Casket recognizes that choosing a casket or coffin for those we love is difficult. There are so many styles and price points, and deciding can seem overwhelming.

Thankfully, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has adopted a Funeral Rule that allows consumers to supply their own caskets to funeral homes, and they cannot be assessed additional fees when doing so. This means that you can shop online for the best coffin or casket for your loved one, at the best price.

Titan Casket aims to provide consumers with the information they need to choose the coffin or casket they want for their departed family member or friend, at a budget-friendly price.

Read about How to Choose the Right Casket, and learn about some of the different styles of coffins and caskets. We also provide information on the various materials (wood, metal, particleboard) that you will find available in a casket or coffin.

Titan Casket offers help with designing the interior of a casket or coffin, and with other customizations that you can choose from. Titan Casket is here to assist and guide you through choosing and purchasing a casket or coffin online. We are here anytime for questions and to put your mind at ease.

Our Inspiration

Titan Casket believes that everyone should be able to have a memorable, meaningful, and personalized funeral for their loved one; one that fits within the budget they are working with. We want grieving families to be treated with respect and dignity, and we beleive the funeral industry needs to be modernized so that families can say farewell in the way that they want.

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