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How To Hold A Virtual Memorial Service

How to Hold a Virtual Memorial Service, a Free Step-by-Step Guide by Keeper Memorials and TalkDeath

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Since 2013, Keeper has been helping families preserve and share the memories of their loved ones. We have many tools and features that make it easy to create your own virtual or hybrid memorial service for family and friends who are unable to celebrate your loved one in person.

Our Inspiration

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, families in most parts of the world are unable to hold memorial services or even attend a graveside service for a loved one that has died. I am unfortunately one of those families. My grandmother died from COVID-19 on April 25th. As someone who has dedicated their career to reimagining the way we die and the way we memorialize a loved one, I knew that I had to organize a memorial service for her. My cousins and I came together after our grandmother’s passing to organize a virtual memorial service in her honor. In this article, I outline the steps that were taken to organize her online memorial service. I will share the tools that were used, my suggestions for holding a successful service, and what I would have done differently.

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