How to Plan a Military Funeral

If you are planning a funeral for a military member, there are many ways you can make the commemoration special including the purchase of a beautiful casket as a tribute.

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Funerals for Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard) members can be special commemorative events with all of the details arranged to recognize the service and sacrifice of the military member - including the purchase of a casket that honors the deceased.

While many military funerals are traditional events, some families choose to celebrate their loved one's life in a unique way. If you are planning a funeral for a military member, Titan Casket offers guidance and advice for all steps in the process.

Before you plan your military funeral, read this Titan Casket guide on "How to Plan a Military Funeral" and get answers to your questions like:

  • How Do I Know if My Loved One is Eligible for a Military Funeral?
  • Where Can Members of the Military Be Buried?
  • What is a Military Funeral?
  • What are the Best Options for Purchasing a Casket for a Military Funeral?

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