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Inside Out Quotient: Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching for a life of wholeness, connectedness, and alignment with what's most important to you – from the inside, out. Book a free session today.

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Shift your interactions, discover your magic, and change your life - from the inside, out.

Have you always felt there’s something bigger you’re meant to do? We're being called to a deeper place right now in our human evolution.

We're moving from a threat-based, to a more trust & connection-based way of being. I’m a systems thinker, so I make sense of how the different threat vs. trust-based behaviors of a person are interrelated, and how they shape and create the person's lived reality. My coaching approach bridges personal and professional development, to help clarify what you really want and how to align your awareness, to get you there.

We’ll explore the foundational beliefs that your patterns, perceptions, and judgments are built upon, to help you deepen the interactions and meaning within your life. You'll learn tools to help you skillfully navigate the shifts, changes, and transitions you’re looking to make. And you’ll realize you can do things you don’t think are possible, by reprogramming your survival-mode default habits.

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I combine cognitive, somatic, emotional, and transpersonal exploration with adult developmental theory, evidenced-based psychology, and humanistic coaching methods to:

  • Become more comfortable with trusting yourself and the fulfilling life that’s calling you
  • Build a map of your 'Internal Operating System' and update it to a less fear-based or anxious mindset
  • Identify and listen more habitually to your internal compass (your Wisest Self has all your answers)
  • Identify misalignments (limiting internal dialogue scripts and hidden obstacles) between how you’re operating and how you want to be operating instead
  • Empower you with in-the-moment tools to shift your behaviors
  • Develop a stronger relationship with yourself, for more presence and resilience in your external world

Some questions to realign around:

  • How much connection vs. disconnection do I allow?
  • How am I getting in my own way?
  • What am I tolerating?

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