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Legacy Film Making: A Step-by-Step Guide

Increasingly, families are looking for new and personal ways to honor the memory of a loved one. Legacy film making is a beautiful way to do just that.

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A legacy film is, quite simply, a short film that preserves the stories, personality and legacy of an individual or family. Films can be created by the family using a smart phone and simple editing software, or a professional can be hired to create a film from start to finish.

View legacy films from the Remembering A Life Film Contest.

Download the Remembering A Life Legacy Filmmaking Guide to learn how you can make a film tribute for a loved one.

Our Inspiration

In 2018, Remembering A Life held a film contest, inviting amateur and professional filmmakers alike to tell the life stories of of others through the powerful medium of film. Films poured in, telling stories as unique as each of us - about passion, bravery, perseverance, heartbreak, and selflessness - and the indelible mark these individuals left on the world and the people closest to them. The films so inspired us, we decided to pass the inspiration on by developing a guide anyone can use to create a legacy film. Who's story will you tell? Because every person's life deserves a film.

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