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Lessons from the Pandemic: Community Conversations

I'm here to help you process the grief and growth you're experiencing coming out of the pandemic era - here's the intro video:

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If you've wondered "what now?" in the wake of COVID, you're not alone. I've spent the pandemic studying its effects, and working with concerned citizens. In this free ebook, I've charted a practical Roadmap to Recovery that every person can follow, complete with simple activities - Ten Touchstones - that can guide our way.

Whether you’re part of a church or spiritual community,a neighborhood, workplace, youth group, or any other kind of community...

whether you’re a student, a senior, a parent, a mental health practitioner, or anywhere in between...

this Lessons from the Pandemic event & free ebook are for you.

They'll give you tools for processing the grief & growth we’re experiencing coming out of the pandemic era.

Given everything we’ve been through, to truly transition out of the pandemic, we need to honor our experience of it. You can help your organization, community, family, or clients cross the threshold to recovery!

Our Inspiration

Here's a video on my story of pandemic grief and recovery - I wonder if you resonate with it: Here's my ebook on Lessons from the Pandemic: