Life Letter Template: Writing to loved ones

It's time to write the most important letter of your life - in only 9 steps. Did you know that the biggest end-of-life regret is not telling loved ones how much you care?

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Research shows that one of the biggest end-of-life regrets is not telling loved ones how much you care?

It is never too early to begin writing to your loved ones.

This is for you if:

  • You have an older parent near the end of their life.
  • You are someone who is nearing the end of their life and you want to write to your children.
  • You have a deceased relative and want to heal some unresolved matters.

Our template makes it easy to structure a meaningful letter that will cover everything that needs to be said and feel complete.

Our Inspiration

Once Covid began isolating families, leaving some people unknowing if they'd get to see their family again. We wanted to help give an easier way for families to communicate and say everything they need for each other. Once we dug into it, we found research on the healing powers of these end-of-life letters. So many of the biggest end-of-life regrets revolve around not telling family members how much they mean to each other. It became clear that this is a practice that everybody should be aware of and try when the timing makes sense. Having a resource to make this easier is what we aim to do.

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