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Mini Gratitude Journal + Mood Tracker

Starting finding gratitude with this free mini gratitude journal + extra goodies!

A resource by Sharing Solace

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This journal allows you to focus on the positive and taking baby steps towards finding your new normal. Sometimes you just need a little help. With our suggested activities, dedicated gratitude section, water intake, and thought-provoking journaling prompts you’ll be able to explore and reflect on your day in a meaningful way.

Our Inspiration

This journal began as the only thing I could do for myself when I was in the depths of my depression after my Maddie’s death. Every night before I went to bed I would bullet point three things I was grateful for and three things I did right that day {and lemme tell you, it was H.A.R.D. to do in the beginning…} Over time, it morphed into writing a little about my thoughts, keeping track of what I did that day, drinking water, and trying to take baby steps towards being ‘human’ again.

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