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Mortality Workbook zine by Death Project Manager

A space to collect important information and documents for your loved ones, and to reflect on your own mortality - so that you can rest in peace.

A resource by Death Project Manager

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Logistics are a way of showing care.

Thoughtful planning before your death is a way of showing that you care about another person's experience, that you care about them as a person, and that you don't want them to suffer unnecessarily. Grief and suffering are inevitable, but leaving behind a big mess is not.

The Mortality Workbook zine and Digital Toolkit cover a variety of topics including your funeral, advanced health directive should you become sick, things people should know about your medical care, your social media, insurance, and what happens with your pets.

The Mortality Workbook has 40+ pages to organize your contacts, collect your documents, reflect on your values, and create a plan in case of emergency.

The self-guided Toolkit - an editable PDF - walks you through materials to assemble, discussions to have, and reflections on your legacy, in a format you can complete solo or with your loved ones. At the conclusion, you will have a 60+ page binder and set of crucial documents for ready reference in case of emergency.

The Mortality Workbook zine and Digital Toolkit can both be purchased through

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