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Nurturing a Relationship During Grief

“Please forgive me,” “I forgive you,” “thank you,” and “I love you” are the must-have items for maintaining a whole relationship during grief, and they’re just 11 words.

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Every relationship is worth mending, tending, and nurturing, according to Dr. Ira Byock. Humans strive for perfection, but we’re all imperfect. The next best thing is learning how to apologize. It’s how you can still be in relationships that blossom. It’s critical to be gentle with yourself and others. Your loved ones might be prone to saying things they wish they hadn’t. They’re just like you, so gentleness is huge.

Forgiveness is an unattended area of human life, and a skill so many people don’t hone. It demands giving up all hope for a better past, while not letting the past dictate the future.


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