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Oregon Funeral Resources & Education Pandemic Care

Free, non-commercial at-home guidance on caring for the dying, the deceased, and the bereaved in the time of pandemic.

A resource by Holly Pruett Celebrant

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Whether your loved one dies from COVID-19, or from an unrelated illness, accident, overdose, or suicide – death will look different in the time of pandemic. Compounding our grief over the death of a loved one may be shock if the death was unexpected, and trauma given the context of societal crisis. Helping systems, both personal and institutional, are highly stressed. We may struggle not only with the fact of a loved one dying, but with the profound disorientation of being unable to care for our dying, our dead, and the bereaved in the hands-on, physically-present ways we wish to.

This free, non-commercial web resource covers:

  • How to care for the dying, the deceased, and the bereaved during a pandemic
  • Providing emotional support for grief and trauma
  • Advance directives completion now
  • What to do when a funeral isn't possible
  • FAQs about home death care and Covid-19

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