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Past, Present or Future ~ Which Do You Prefer?

Death And Dying Experiences Have Changed. In America, the death and dying experiences, have changed dramatically over the years. Which Do You Prefer?

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People died in their homes,

Families would be present at death.

Loved ones would take care of the body.

Family & neighbors would sit vigil with the deceased.

Together, the community would mourn and support the family.



People often die in a hospital o inr a facility,

Medical staff are often present at the time of death.

Funeral personnel take the body away from the family.

Families are restricted as to when they can visit the deceased.

The community is dispersed and often unable to mourn together.



Which experience do you prefer?

Which would you want for your loved ones?

Which medical options are important for you to explore?

Which emotional and spiritual choices would you wish for?

Which relationships would you repair, revisit or reinvest in?

How Do Medicalization, and Rescue Fantasy, Prevent Healthy Dying?


our societal

avoidance of death

has led,

in part,

to 'medicalized' dying,

by which we mean

a dying process




by medical intervention".

Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life.

"In the United States,


at home,

in the care of family,

has been

widely superseded


an institutional, professional,

and technological

process of


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My Inspiration

Death Is Part Of The Full Spectrum Experience. Death, is a part of life, and each us will have our own unique experiences with it. When it comes to end of life situations, most of us have not spent much time exploring these matters. However, the more we learn and understand about dying and death, the more likely we are to feel a sense of calm and peace when encountering these circumstances. Start transforming your full spectrum experiences, so that you can learn to "Do Death Differently".

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