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Podcast about serious illness, dying, and grief

We encourage exploration, education, and expression of issues related to serious illness, dying, death, and bereavement in both practical and creative ways.

A resource by Everyone Dies

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Death is a natural part of the life cycle, yet it is shrouded by fear, isolation, and limited understanding of the dying process. Normalizing the life cycle, which includes death, will facilitate the education of the public regarding what may be expected at the end of life and how to make their wishes known.

Our podcasts are produced weekly with activities and educational materials written for the general population. This normalization of death will help people learn how to talk about death, understand what options are available in situations of life-limiting illness, and communicate their choices to family and health care practitioners. Daily availability to our listeners on Facebook is maintained to answer questions or give support. We are a source of research-based information that can be utilized to inform decisions regarding serious end-of-life issues.

Our Inspiration

I retired after 43 years as a nurse practitioner working it hospice and palliative care. I wanted to create a resource for public education about issues related to serious illness, dying, death, and bereavement.

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