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Quantum Grief 101 with Henry-Cameron Allen

A 1-hour introduction to the concept of Quantum Mechanics as a metaphor for exploring the multidimensionality of the grief journey.

A resource by The Lost Travelers Club

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Part of a series collaboration between From Grief to Hope, Inc. and The Lost Travelers Club, called Unlearning, this 1-hour introduction guides you through 7 of 13 dimensions of grief identified in The Lost Traveler's Field Guide & Workbook: Navigating The Grief Journey Through A Quantum Lens, by Henry-Cameron Allen. This pioneering duo of guide and workbook dismantles the illusion of closure, replacing it with an ongoing process of growth, acceptance, and self-discovery. You'll learn to view grief not as a burden, but as a catalyst for profound transformation.

Our Inspiration

Grief is a Universal Life Skill, yet few are taught how to meet and navigate it. This introduction aims to provide some practical tools for grief walkers to expand our understanding of the mysteries of multidimensional interconnectedness, and reveal that the death is not an ending, but an evolution of our relationships with loved ones who have passed into the realm of the ancestors.

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