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Recording your Life Story

We record life story interviews we turn those recordings into beautiful books and audio. Commemorate your legacy now, and leave an impact on future generations.

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As you age, it is natural to contemplate how you want to be remembered. Commemorate your legacy now, and leave an impact on future generations.

Let us help you record it and pass it down.

We record life story interviews for extraordinary humans and we turn those recordings into beautiful books and audio. Imagine reading your great grandparents' life story from the 1800s and hearing their voices. Vivencia is making this possible for our next generation.​

Not only will your children know you better, but the children of your descendants centuries from now will too. Every time they pick up your Vivencia they will feel you with them. We are part of a bigger inter-generational connection and this solidifies the bridge across the past, present, and future.

You can join us on a discovery call on our website:

Our Inspiration

I was 13 when my abuelos realized that they were really starting to age, that they were passing to the age where one starts reflecting and closing the last chapter of their life. They gathered my entire family and took the time to recall and tell their entire life story. They shared their childhood memories, what their mothers and fathers were like, how they fell in love, their experiences with raising children, and most importantly, what life lessons they want to pass down to us. It wasn’t until then, that I realized that my abuelos had a life before me. We captured it and recorded it, and it is the most priceless thing I can pass on to my children. It is a chance for them to understand where they come from. My abuela was the one who taught me that we really only die when you are no longer remembered. This gift changed my life. We know that death is a universal phenomenon that has different cultural expressions. Our mission is to create a better awareness and understanding of our loved ones, our past, our own legacy, and our future generations. This intergenerational event connects us to the circle of life. We took this experience and modeled it as a service. I am honored to share this with you when you decide to have your life story, your Vivencia, recorded for future generations. Your life story is precious.

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