Reimagining Death 5 Week Journey

This Cohort is an opportunity to explore and reshape your relationship with death, unveiling its sacred nature and its impact on how we live.

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Join us in Unlocking the Mysteries of Life and Beyond

Welcome to a transformative journey into the profound intricacies of life's greatest enigma: Death. This is your personal invitation to embark on a journey that transcends cultural boundaries, inviting you to reimagine and rekindle your relationship with the concept of death. Are you ready to explore the depths of your own existence and enrich your connection to Death and Life?

This Cohort is an opportunity to explore and reshape your relationship with death, unveiling its sacred nature and its impact on how we live.

Over the course of five weeks, engage in a thought-provoking and enlightening exploration of death's role in our lives. Through a dynamic schedule of two weekly calls from October 1 to November 5, you'll delve into a profound journey of self-discovery and cross-cultural exploration.

Join our Weekly Gatherings

September 30th-November 5th

2 Live Calls per Week:

Tuesdays 5 pm CT & Sundays 10 am CT

Our Bi-Weekly calls are organized into:

  1. Informative and material overview​
  2. Integration & meditation and opening up space to share our process with the week's topic.

Sessions range from 1.5-2 hours

As October dawns, the veil that separates us from our ancestors becomes thin, allowing for a powerful window of healing and connection. Embrace this unique opportunity to unlock a new perspective, honor ancient wisdom, and forge a deeper connection to the essence of existence.

Your Cohort Experience:

  • Engage in weekly immersive discussions and guided meditations.
  • Reflect and share in a supportive community group chat.
  • Participate in informative and material overviews during bi-weekly calls.
  • Integrate learnings through meditation, embracing the essence of death.

Included in your Journey:

  • Reimagining Death Module: A comprehensive guidebook with introspective questions and transformative exercises.
  • Guided Meditations: Embark on meditative journeys to connect with the essence of death.
  • Community Calls: Engage in meaningful conversations and exchange insights with fellow participants.
  • Community Group Chat: Stay connected, share your experiences, and receive support from a like-minded community.
  • Live Call Recordings: Missed a session? Don't worry, all calls will be recorded and shared with the cohort.

Our Inspiration

Living the contractions of life and death. Here we are, between the spaces of eternal silence and the laughter of happiness. Such an honor to feel it all. In 2022 my cousin transmuted into a cosmic relative—someone else to watch over me from the invisible world. I remember him, I say his name out loud, and he remembers me. In many cultures, we see these relationships continue. During these days of worshiping the ancestors in Chiapas, I saw how the pantheons were filled with pine leaves and cempasúchil. Family members bring coke, food, and beer for their loved ones. Put wooden planks above their graves for family meals. On these holy days, we celebrate his transcendence and the teachings of his life. Existence is vast, life is short. As an anthropologist, I find that if I can see the way another culture views these phenomena, then It expands my own framework on how I walk through life, and in this case death.

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