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Remembering A Life Coloring Pages

Relaxation can be as easy as pulling out a box of crayons or colored pencils and starting to color! Free downloadable coloring sheets make it easy to get started.

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Looking for a simple and fun way to relax, and lower stress and anxiety? Look no further than a box of crayons or colored pencils. Whether you have fond memories of coloring as a child or you’re still a novice, coloring as an adult can have very therapeutic properties.

Coloring may help you:

  • Experience relief by entering a meditative state
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Let go of negative thoughts and welcome positive ones
  • Focus on the moment to achieve mindfulness
  • Promote creation over consumption by unplugging from technology

The best part? You don’t have to be an artist to do it!

It’s easy to get started.

Simply download the Remembering A Life coloring sheets, print them, and start to color! Whether you prefer colored pencils or markers or want to revisit your youth and open a fresh box of crayons, it’s easy to create a masterpiece! (And, despite what you may have heard, it’s perfectly acceptable to color outside the lines!)

How will you use Remembering A Life coloring pages?

  • Post your finished creation somewhere where you will be able to enjoy it often
  • Send a completed page to a family member or friend who is isolated or is grieving the death of a loved one
  • Make it a family activity, with each person choosing a page to color
  • Send printouts of the pages and a box of colored pencils to a friend or family member who could use a little stress relief
  • Send one or more colored pages to essential workers at hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. to brighten their days and let them know they are appreciated
  • Post a photo of your masterpiece on social media using #RememberingALife and tag someone you’re thinking of or share a story about a loved one who has died.

To learn more about coloring, visit the Remembering A Life Blog: Coloring for Relaxation - It's Not Just for Kids by Elizabeth Lewis.

Our Inspiration

Remembering A Life coloring pages were created during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide people with a relaxing activity that requires no artistic skill, little instruction and few materials. The peaceful images on each of these pages invite reflection on a loved one who has died or simply provide a lovely escape during a time when many of us are sheltering in place. The designs are simple, beautiful, and shareable. Send your completed works of art to people you love!

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