Sara's Got A Sunbeam

Here's a song I wrote for my dear friend Sara who is died at the age of 21. She inspired me to pursue music and set me on a path toward Reimagine.

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Sara's Got A Sunbeam

"Sara’s got a sunbeam in the palm of her hand. Sara’s got a sunbeam and she shines it everywhere she can. She’s gonna be a doctor—she knows all of the facts. But there ain’t no better medicine than the way she laughs. And in the way that she walks, in the way that she talks, when Sara drinks water through a bendable straw—mostly polished, a little bit raw. Simple yet beautiful. Simply beautiful.

You might bend but you won’t break. You are strong. You can take it. You might bend, but you will not break. They bend your light, but it still shines. Behind the clouds the sun is still in the sky. And if you cry, I don’t mind, it’s alright, you are strong you are able. Sara’s got a sunbeam...unfadeable.

She eats honey nut cheerios and goes on afternoon time runs. But when she runs she don’t run away—she takes life as it comes. She loves orangutans and soccer games. She knows each word to the song that’s playing. Look in her eyes to hear what she’s saying—silent yet so strong. Silently strong. And if you need to talk to me, I’ll be there for you. But please don’t thank me. I’m just glad to stand beside your glow."

Music/Lyrics by Brad Wolfe


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